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We are a steel fabrication company committed to excellence through knowledge, experience and dedication.

Utah Pacific Bridge & Steel has a long and rich fabrication history that dates back to 1975 and includes the fabrication of over 900 of the complex bridges that connect our nation’s transportation system.

"Our Place in Modern History"

One of these many projects occurred in 1986 as we completed bridge C637, the final link of Interstate 80 from coast to coast. Ironically this 820’ long curved bridge with 15’ deep, 90 ton girders is just 60 miles south of Promontory Point Utah where the Golden Spike was driven to complete the Transcontinental Railroad 117 years earlier.

Our dedicated personnel have the expertise to provide the best service in the business. From arch and truss bridges to complex curved plate and box girder bridges, our team has the experience to support and strengthen any project so that it will succeed at all levels.

Our modern bridge fabrication facilities and exclusive computer-controlled equipment were developed and constructed over a 35 year period to fabricate large and heavy girders for complex bridges.  When combined with our cleaning and painting facilities and our transportation and erection expertise, Utah Pacific Bridge & Steel is a true leader in the industry.

Trade Associations

  • AISC – Having served as part of the AISC National Board of directors from 1993 through 2000, we are proud to support the many steel industry building activities of AISC.
  • National Steel Bridge Alliance LogoNSBA – As one of seven charter member fabricators of the National Steel Bridge Alliance in 1995, we helped form and continue to further NSBA’s mission to establish steel as the preferred material for bridges.
  • Association of General ContractorsAGC - We support the Association of General Contractors in building America.
  • National Safety Council LogoNSC – We are a proud member of the National Safety Council and add its support to our own for providing a safe workplace for our dedicated personnel.

Certifications and Licenses

  • AISC Certified - Utah Pacific Bridge & Steel has been continuously certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction for the past 30 years to have the personnel, organization, experience, capability and commitment to produce fabricated structural steel for the following structure types and disciplines:
  • Complex Steel Building Structures
  • Simple Steel Bridges
  • Complex Steel Bridges  
  • Fracture Critical Endorsement   
  • Sophisticated Painting Endorsement   
  • Licensed Contractors in the states of Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.

Industry Awards and Recognition Highlights

  • 1978 AISC Prize Bridge Award Grade Separation - NDOT Cold Springs Interchange Reno, NV
  • 1984 AISC Prize Bridge Award Medium Span  - UDOT Bonanza bridge over the White River Uintah, UT
  • 1986 AISC Prize Bridge Award Special Purpose - ADOT I-17 / I-10 “Stack” Interchange – Phoenix, AZ
  • 1996 AISC Prize Bridge Award of Merit – NDOT Tropicana I-15 Flyover Las Vegas, NV
  • 1999 – AISC Special Individual Achievement Award – Clark B. Olsen  President
  • 2001 -  Prize Bridge Award Special Project – UDOT I-15 Reconstruction Design Build Project
  • 2005 -  Intermountain Contractor - Best Heavy Construction Project - Hurricane Tied Arch Bridge  
  • 2007 -   AGC  Specialty Contractor of the Year Award