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In 1977, Mountain Pacific Transport was established to serve as our transportation arm.  This enables us to have control over stringent and critical delivery dates as well as the ability to safely transport the large structures we fabricate. 

Mountain Pacific Transport has authority to haul fabricated structural steel and has developed a great deal of specialized and unique hauling equipment to be able to transport enormously heavy and over length loads. 

Mountain Pacific Transport has transported some of the heaviest and longest girders and weldments in the United States including single piece girders weighing 112 tons and measuring 215 feet in length.

80 Ton Integral Pier Cap

Caltrans Potato Slough Bridge

The Little Red Wagon Rear Steer Tractor

Manufactured by Utah Pacific Bridge & Steel

Girders Shipping In Pairs

Salmon, ID

145 Foot Transmission Tower

Los Angles, CA

110 Ton Haunch Tub Girder

Goldsmith Metro District Denver, CO

180 Foot Long Girder

Nephi, UT

160 ft Trapezoid Tub Girder

Denver, CO

14 ft sq X 150 ft long Truss

Farmington, UT

140 Foot Girder

West Salt Lake, UT

Trapezoid Tub Girder

City of Elko, NV

11 Foot Deep Girders

Idaho Falls, ID

Fully Assembled RR bridge

West Valley, UT